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Red Snapper- By far the most requested catch on our charters. These are fun to catch and can get to pretty respectable sizes. Lane, and Vermillion snapper are smaller but even better table fair. We nearly always limit on Red Snapper.

King Mackerel or Kingfish - Another popular catch. Often caught trolling these torpedoes hit the bait at about 40 mph and often breech to 6 feet or more. Some people think they are delicious and others, well, not so much. No matter; the are so much fun to catch it doesn’t matter who likes them best. Oh yeah, watch out for the teeth.

Dorado, Mahi Mahi, or Dolphin Fish - Caught trolling or near floating objects these are a fun fight. If you get one “schooly” you may get 100. There is nothing better on the table and even a small one makes a sandwich or taco that is absolutely to die for. If you thought the Mahi you ordered was good just you wait!

Wahoo! - The name says it all. The largest of the mackerel family these beasts are caught trolling. Hold on and watch your line smoke off the reel. You will

probably have enough! These intelligent fish have plenty of stamina and will fight to the point of sheer exhaustion - the fish’s exhaustion that is, but possibly the angler as well. Take it home and grill it up. Yum. One word says it all!

Shark! Everyone wants to catch at least one. Careful when bringing them on board as they can almost fold in half since they have no bones. Some species are very good to eat.

We often catch Atlantic Sharp nose but the 200 + lb Hammerhead is not uncommon.  

Tuna- Yellowfin and Blackfin - This nice Yellowfin - referred to in restaurants as “Ahi” was caught on an overnight trip. Blackfin are often caught on 10-12 hour trips and are very good seared on the grill when freshly caught. Tuna are red meat fish with oxygenated muscle tissue so the fight is long and hard. This particular fish took right at 2 hours to the boat!  

Jack Crevelle - Food quality- None. Fight quality absolutely none better! A 30 lb Jack Crevelle can wrestle you for better than a half hour. We don’t target these fish but we never complain about catching them! They are so much fun it doesn’t matter they go back!

Greater Amberjack or “AJ”. These Powerhouses will make you promise

to go back to the gym. Federal regulations are getting tight so we can’t keep them year round anymore but just one nice one at the right time will be plenty for a family meal. Best fresh!

Sailfish - Fast fun and aerial acrobats. These fish are on any fisherman’s

bucket list. We normally catch and release sailfish unharmed. Mounts are now made from photos and measurements as killing these fish serves no real purpose. They are certainly spectacular animals mostly caught on extended trips but have been rarely caught  within a few miles of shore. Caught trolling.

Ling or Cobia - At first glance when they inspect the boat you will think it is a shark. These extremely intelligent fish require knowledge and finesse. Don’t set the hook while they are facing you as

they will likely spit it out. Once hooked, be prepared. They are strong and have stamina to back it up. After you are exhausted be sure the fish is as well because if you bring one of these aboard “green” you will have to do some serious dancing to get out of the way! 75 lbs is not uncommon and wow are they tasty!

Grouper - Bottom fish that are caught drifting or anchored. Only one word needs to be said about Grouper and that is Yum!

Blue Marlin- Considered the prize catch of the Gulf these elusive fish can only be targeted on extended trips as they are deep water pelagic's. The ultimate fishing adventure is to hunt these trophies. Again we practice catch and release.

Sheepshead - Your mom ever tell you that you are what you eat? Well these guys are named

after there Sheep like teeth dine on mostly shrimp and shellfish. Frequently caught on Texas water trips Sheepshead taste like lobster dipped in butter!!

Triggerfish- Many fishermen (not us) considered these fish as a nuisance. Now people realize just how wonderful to eat they are and strict limits

Are in place in both state and federal waters. Remember when fajitas were considered a by product of a side of beef? Same deal here.

Bonito - Mostly caught while trolling for other species, these fish are actually part of the Tuna family. While most people consider them as inedible they put up one heck of a fight (That is why we fish right?) and make spectacular bait for big Snapper and Grouper!

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